Business Consultation

Business Consultation
Success and prosperity are elusive goals for many, but with effective guidance you can achieve them – both on a personal and financial level.

Avi Amitai is a certified business mentor and personal coach, whose hands-on business experience will help you assess the practices you currently use within your business or organization. You’ll be introduced to new and highly creative ways to make big changes to the way you run your business, and have the power to achieve each and every one of your goals.

Business Mentoring
A comprehensive toolkit to optimizing an organization’s marketing activities

Avi Amitai’s Business Mentoring Program comprises a unique workshop which focuses on organizing and optimizing the activities of your marketing department, thereby maximizing your company’s revenue cycle.

The Business Mentoring Program focuses on a number of aspects:
  • Research: Fully understanding what you have in your hands, and who really needs it, are key in facilitating change and improvement. We’ll go deep into your product or service and together discover its real potential. 
  • Setting Goals: Your organization’s goals and objectives should be clearly defined, and together we’ll outline the methods of achieving them.
  • Optimizing Sales Procedures: The effectiveness of your business’ sales procedures is a vital part of your success, and our focus will be on optimizing all related aspects. 
  • Forming Processes and Policies: We’ll devise optimal marketing processes and customer management policies, while taking the interaction between the sales departments and all entities within an organization which support the marketing functions – well into consideration. 
  • Training and Implementing Techniques: You’ll receive expert training and support needed for successful implementation of the techniques you’ve acquired.
  • Analyzing Progress and Modifying: Processes and results will be analyzed, and modifications administered in order to reach improved results. 
By implementing the methods and processes acquired during the Business Mentoring Program, you’ll finally be able to realize the full marketing potential of your organization and significantly increase its profitability.

Program Outline
The Business Mentoring Program, led by Avi Amitai is completely customized towards the structure and size of your organization.

The three steps include:
  • Initial Meeting: consultation with your marketing manager, we can pin down your target market, and look at how you currently manage your sales processes. Armed with this information we can then find perfect solutions for your business. 
  • Process Training: Practical training of the marketing team – through teleconferencing, telemarketing and sales call simulations.
  • Implementation: Our ‘hands on’ approach includes finding out exactly how well you’re doing. To assess this, Avi Amitai will accompany your sales team to sales meetings.
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