Internet Entrepreneurship

Internet Entrepreneurship

The Internet is much more than a medium for communication or commerce. It’s the springboard to a new global economy, providing savvy entrepreneurs with a plethora of online business opportunities.

The principles of online success

A thriving Internet enterprise is built on the same foundation as a brick-and-mortar company: a unique idea, a solid and well-planned business plan, and intelligent market research. Even so, the immediacy of the Internet can be an entrepreneur’s biggest adversary, since a lack of market knowledge, outdated technology, irrelevant content, and unprofessional website design can hinder a business’ chances of success.

For an Internet venture to succeed, you must:
  • Provide your users with a solid, unique idea
    Coming up with a great product or service that provides value to users is key.
  • Understand your target market
    Who are you speaking to? Does your business provide solutions to businesses (B2B) or is it geared toward end customers (B2C)? Are you targeting international markets or focusing solely on local consumers? 
  • Surround yourself with talented professionals
    It often makes good business sense to invest in professional vendors for content development, programming, marketing/advertising, market research, and other key elements of doing business online.
  • Remain patient 
    Like new brick-and-mortar businesses, online ventures may not be profitable right away. Be patient, and plan viable ways to sustain an income until you’ve built a solid base of buyers.

As with any business, luck is also a factor—some of the biggest successes have followed many consecutive failures!

Avi Amitai: your guide along the road to success

An Internet business has a great potential for quick and significant exposure—if it’s approached the right way.
If you have an idea for a web venture, consider partnering with Avi Amitai. An experienced Internet entrepreneur with a proven track record for success, Avi will provide invaluable insights along every step of building your enterprise:
  • ResearchFirst, you’ll define the goals of your business and pinpoint your target market. This involves selecting modules for customer retention and using messaging tools like newsletters, emails, landing pages, and more.

  • Technology
    It’s critical to implement CMS technologies that seamlessly integrate with web browsers, search engines, and social networks. Avi will help you define a user-friendly design that leverages SEO-adaptable technologies and social networks.

  • Guidance and Support
    Learn to maintain, upgrade, and monitor your online presence, tweaking content to address your target audience and making performance adjustments to boost and support traffic. 
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