Lectures and Workshops

Lectures and Workshops

Avi Amitai proudly offers a series of engaging and enlightening lectures geared toward a variety of audiences, including businesses, educational institutes, and professional associations.

While many lectures and workshops are based on theoretical information found in marketing literature, Avi’s courses are enriched by his experiences as a successful Internet entrepreneur and marketer. By compiling insights gleaned from his triumphs and failures—both personal and professional—Avi delivers a host of practical tools that can be immediately implemented in the real world.

Awaken your inner strength
Lecture Time: 60+ Minutes 

Through this unconventional and fascinating journey, participants gain an understanding of the factors shaping their everyday actions and motivations. During this powerful, interactive workshop, Avi will help you discover the inner values that guide your decisions and ultimately determine the achievement of your personal and professional goals.
Combining simulative exercises and practical, real-life examples, the workshop is designed to help you:
  • Identify your intrinsic values
  • Utilize your personal values to make informed decisions and achieve goals in any field
  • Overcome the obstacles and mental blocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential
  • Face your fears and branch out of your comfort zones to achieve higher levels of success
  • Understand what truly motivates you, and learn to self-motivate
Participants’ Reactions:
“The lecture is a productive and fascinating experience, with very strong and clear messages. It left me with a great deal of knowledge and a taste for more…” - Yehuda Tzadar, Businessman and Strategic Consultant 

A Taste of Internet Marketing
Lecture Time: 60+ Minutes 

This lecture helps participants understand the power of web technologies in the world of commerce, which shape our shopping and selling behaviors in the global marketplace. Presented in an interactive format, the workshop combines exercises, simulations, and practical, real-life examples:

Lecture Topics:
  • Internet marketing foundations and modules for a wide spectrum of online businesses 
  • Critical ingredients of a successful ecommerce or business website 
  • Google’s marketing and promotional tools
  • Organic optimization vs. ad campaigns – which is the better method? 
  • The functioning and logic of Google’s algorithm
  • Practical tips and techniques for improving conversion rates
  • Frequently asked questions about Internet marketing
  • Case studies featuring Internet marketing channels and models (optional, time permitting)
Participants’ Reactions:
“I left your lecture with new insights and a whole new perspective on internet marketing…” – Eldad Seri, CEO of Argus Studio 

Internet Marketing in Actual Practice
Lecture Time: 60+ Minutes 

This interactive workshop combines simulations and practical examples, giving participants new insights into the complex and rewarding world of Internet marketing.

Lecture Topics:
  • Google advertising campaigns: A step-by-step guide to opening an account, analyzing advertising campaigns, conducting keyword research, and improving conversion rates 
  • Organic promotion vs. paid advertising: Learn to optimize your site in order to boost performance and traffic
  • Social Networks: Create an intelligent, effective presence on Facebook, and learn the pros and cons of personal, group, and fan pages 
  • Marketing foundations and modules on the Internet: Gain a practical familiarization with Google’s statistical tools through real-world case studies of successes and failures
Participants’ Reactions:
“Very interactive dialogue - there was an instant connection between the speaker and the participants.” – Doron Lavi, CEO of Nortec Group.  

The Five Cornerstones of Managing and Achieving Goals
Lecture Time: 60+ Minutes 

During this workshop, participants embark on an exciting journey into understanding their motivations and the foundations on which successful businesses are created. This knowledge enables participants to establish and evolve their businesses, while enjoying every step along the way.

Lecture Topics:
  • Self-motivation – what really motivates us?
  • The five foundations of building a personal vision
  • The connection between personal values, decision-making, and goal achievement in any field 
  • Harnessing an individual to an idea, by identifying the six human needs 
The workshop combines simulations and practical examples from the business world, while incorporating the emotional tools that facilitate personal motivation.

Participants’ Reactions:
“It’s evident that you know your material inside and out – it’s always a pleasure to listen to someone who is a true master in their field.” – Avner Leskin, CEO of zla 

Training in High-Tech Companies 

Avi also offers sales-oriented lectures geared toward developers and engineers working in high-tech companies, who either serve in a sales position or are interested in transitioning to a marketing position. The lectures are coordinated with the HR department, with the immediate goal of improving the bottom line.

Training Topics:
  • Going from pre-sale to post-sale – and everything in between
  • Learning and implementing an effective sales process for hardware/software
  • Managing sales channels and training direct distributors
Participants’ Reactions:
“I leave the lecture extremely motivated to think, reorganize, and succeed!” – Fadi Al’obra (2009 Entrepreneur of the Year) 
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