Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching
The road to personal and financial freedom

Do you strongly feel that ‘right now’ is precisely the right time to become independent?

Avi Amitai offers you a unique personal coaching program, which will enable you to run a successful independent business. The training is grounded in Avi’s own rich practical business experience and on the successful transition he himself made from escaping the daily grind of working 9 to 5 to the freedom of working according to his own agenda.

Program Outline

The practical training includes setting clear goals, building a comprehensive business vision and gaining practical tools that will help you through all stages of transition. From “paid employee” status, to “independent business owner", we will assess all the possibilities you have, and get to know all main blocking factors and thoughts which make it harder, both emotionally and practically, to deal with such a significant transition. We will address the deepest fears and the most profound conflicts that people, just like you, feel when they decide to embark on a journey toward personal and financial independence.
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