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Establishing an Internet Business

Can you imagine trying to do business with no storefront, no address, and no way for customers to contact you? If you don’t have a website, that’s precisely how you’re limiting your company.

Today, businesses that lack a web presence simply cannot be found, making them non-existent for many. With several million people using the Internet every day—many of which are going online to research and buy products and services—you simply can’t afford to miss out on this profitable sales channel. Regardless of your industry or audience, the Internet can and should be a major hub of your marketing activities.

Getting Started

Guided by Avi Amitai, a successful Internet entrepreneur and online marketing strategist, you’ll embark on a fascinating journey toward building a business website in five easy steps:

1. Planning, researching, and setting goals

Just like any business venture, establishing a professional website requires a solid strategy and clear, precise goals. Avi Amitai will provide important insights into planning an intelligent and successful site by helping you answer these key questions:
  • Who is the website targeting? How are your competitors’ sites structured? Which business partners will be involved in the design of your website? 
  • What type of business will your website support? A small business? Large corporation? Ecommerce store?
  • What are the objectives of your website? To collect leads? To capture sales? To inform and educate potential customers? And how will the website fit in with your day-to-day business activities? 
  • How will you measure your website’s success? What metrics/analytics will you implement to ensure that the site is boosting profits? 
  • Which categories will be included in the website and what kind of content will they contain? How will the navigation be structured?
  • Will you manage the content yourself or will you hire a content specialist? 
  • How will you promote your website? Will you partner with other sites to exchange backlinks? Will your URL be added to other promotional materials?
2. Building Your Website  

Just like brick-and-mortar buildings, websites require both an address and a framework. The first step is choosing a domain name that complements your company name and/or emphasizes the benefits your website brings to current and potential customers. During this same stage, we’ll choose the technology, modules, and applications that will be utilized in building your site, according to the pre-planned specifications. Next, we’ll make your vision a reality by completing the following steps:
  • Writing stable, scalable site code that will accommodate future updates and upgrades as your business grows.
  • Enabling applications and components on the website, such as Facebook apps.
  • Establishing your site’s presence on social networks.
  • Researching the most popular keywords used by potential customers to find the products and services you offer.
  • Writing professional content to help promote your site on search engines while also providing informative and entertaining content to users.
  • Designing a cohesive, professional-looking website that supports your business brand, builds customer credibility, and provides ease of use.
3. Hosting Your Website

To ensure that your site is fully functional and performs at a high level 24 hours a day, we will determine which server system will host the site, allowing you to enjoy consistent availability, expert support, and reliable service. We will also choose a hosting package that is tailored to your site’s objectives and your business requirements.

4. Launching Your Website

Upon completion of the website, we’ll verify that it’s fully functional and adheres to all of the requirements outlined in the planning stage. In addition, we’ll select the marketing tools that will help you achieve higher rankings in Google’s search results and forge connections with other related websites that complement your activities. We will plan marketing activities on social networks, forums, and relevant blogs with the goal of generating a higher level of website traffic.

5. Managing and Promoting Your Website

Just as in any business, managing a website is essential to achieving the goals you have set. This includes launching promotional activities, optimizing and tracking content, adding and updating products, implementing technological upgrades, and more.

Contact Avi Amitai to enjoy a professional website, which will serve as a powerful marketing tool and help you achieve your business objectives in today’s highly competitive market.
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